Prof. MUDr. Jan Jirout, DrSc.

Jan Jirout was born 3.6.1912 in Prague. He successfully graduated from the Medical Faculty of the Charles University in Prague in 1937.

After his studies he joined the neurological clinic led by an academician prof. Henner. From the start of his career he dealt with the basics of radiology with specialization on the changes in the nervous system. From 1945 he was leading the radiological department on the neurological clinic and in 1946 he received the title docent in the neurological field. In 1959 he was named as a professor of radiology at the Charles University. Jirout was significant for his work in the development of the neurological department, on the neurological clinic of prof. Henner, he introduced here the contrasting diagnostic methods like: pneumoencephalography (special radiological diagnostic method examining the intracranial pathways of the brain) and pneumopyelography (radiological examination of the renal pelvis) and with the start of the 70’s he added also angiography (radiological examination of the blood vessels and lymph vessels). Jirout also supported the development of a computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance.

Professor Jirout also worked on development of neuroradiology - radiological discipline (medical discipline using the ionizing radiation) dealing with the diseased changes in brain and spinal cord in Czechoslovakia as well as in the world. He became a renowned neurologist even beyond the borders of Czechoslovakia, which is supported by the number of organization and activities he was involved in:

  • Founding member of the neuroradiological section in the World Federation of Neurology
  • Chairman of the European society of neuroradiology
  • Member of the American society of neuroradiology
  • Member of the German radiological society and at the same time a chairman of the neuroradiological section

Professor Jirout was one of the most significant members of the “Prague school”. He was very educated in the field of myoskeletal medicine and very effectively practiced the manual techniques. His work significantly expanded the field of rehabilitation and myoskeletal medicine, by us as well as abroad.
He died 25.10.2001.


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Mgr. Iva Bílková, FYZIOklinika physiotherapy Ltd., Prague, Czech Republic

Source: Internet:,, Kolář, P. et al.: Rehabilitation in clinical experience. Galén, Prague 2009

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