Relieving exercise for the shoulder girdle

ClbolestrameneIn case you feel discomfort or stiffness during movement in the area of the shoulder it is optional to involve the relieving exercise into the daily life activity. Clenched muscles and ligaments caused by various possibilities, for example wrong position at work, or injury evoke a pulling sensation. And later it develops into a permanent consequences. Therefore we try to intercept these problems in a starting stage.

The basis of relaxation is to take time and relax and rest the overloaded muscles. Constantly burdened muscle in a higher muscle tensions loses the ability to relax and therefore it can’t relieve and economically engage in a muscle activity. It is proved that the muscles with increased muscle tension are involved in the movement needlessly with a 30-50% higher strength activity than its needed from a healthy muscle. But the relieving phases is missing. The muscle then stays in the constant phases of contraction.

Main principles of the exercise:

  • Stay in the position and breath peacefully for about 15 seconds.
  • Never move in jerky movement.
  • Always stretch both limbs and stretch them for the same period of time.


Now we will show you the needed stretching exercises for muscles which affect the the area of the shoulder joint. These exercises are for:

  • Chest muscles
  • Muscles in the area of the shoulder blades
  • Neck muscles
  • Trapezius muscles
  • Wrist muscles
  • Complex of the arms muscles, shoulder, back and legs

1) Muscle group: Chest muscles

excessive activation of the chest muscles affects the position of the shoulder blades and the whole shoulder girdle. After stretching we will relieve the constant pull, and involve the function of the lower stabilizing muscles of the shoulder blades.

One of the easiest, but very effective exercises which you can perform basically anywhere, at home or work, is when we place our forearms on the sides of the doorpost. Another effective exercise is stretching the chest muscles against the wall. You can do this in 3 different positions, by which you will affect different muscle fibres.

  • Example of the exercises

2) Muscle group: Muscles of the back of the trunk

You will achieve relieving the shoulder girdle by stretching the muscles on the backside of your trunk, where you mainly release the muscles in the shoulder blade area.

  • Example of exercises

3) Muscle group: Neck muscles

Relieving the muscles of the neck also belongs in exercising which affects the pressure on the shoulder girdle. Therefore these exercises need to be involved into the relaxing exercise composition.

  • Database of the exercises for the neck muscle

4) Muscle group: Trapezius muscles

5) Muscle group: Levator Scapulae muscles


In the end of the exercise it is ideal to involve complexive exercise of the wrists, arms muscles, shoulders, back and legs.

  • Examples of exercises


Involve after the relieving exercises also a correct setting of the shoulder girdle. The main goal of this exercise is to lower the protraction of the shoulders. Thanks to the basic instructions you will be able to get a correct position:

  • Push your shoulders away from your ears to the sides.
  • Try to lengthen your head
  • Do not pull your shoulder blades to the spine intentionally, direct the movement downwards, at least to the outer side of the rib cage.


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