Honey Massage

The beneficial cleansing and rejuvenating effects of honey were already known in ancient history and were used by our ancestors since time immemorial. In the past, honey could be found in virtually every medicine cabinet, owing to its ability to efficiently destroy bacteria and strengthen the immune system. It is interesting to note, that thanks to these healing properties, honey was also considered to be an aphrodisiac and an “elixir of youth”.

Beneficial properties of Honey

Apart from helping the organism from inside, honey can also positively influence the body from outside. It has disinfectant, anti-inflammatory and regenerative effects and hydrates and nourishes the skin. Its restorative powers were known and widely used by ancient Chinese and Arabs and also by some Egyptians. They applied it on various wounds and skin problems, used it to heal burns, frost-bites, bed-sores, ulcerous skin diseases, dry skin, cracked and dry lips or various types of dermatitis.

Nowadays, modern cosmetics are returning to tried natural methods; honey is presently used in the manufacture of cosmetic preparations and also as a means to cleanse, activate and rejuvenate the body. Honey also greatly benefits the immune system because it can rid the body of accumulated waste elements and toxins from polluted air, environment, unsuitable nutrition or medicine and other unwanted substances. These contaminants often concentrate in tissues near the spine, leading to the occurrence of various diseases, among others different types of allergies, fatigue, frequent bouts of influenza, illnesses of liver and kidney, stomach and intestine disorders, fungal skin diseases, chronic colds, depression and stress. This is why honey is now used for massages and other detoxification and relaxation procedures.

Honey massage was first used in Russia and gradually spread to the whole world. It is currently very popular among massages, since it not only soothes the mind and the body, but also cleanses the organism.

Effects of honey massage

The goal of every massage should be both physical and, sometimes most of all, mental relief from everyday stress, the relaxing and calming of the mind brought by the pleasant aroma of honey. The massage should primarily bring positive effects for our mind and body – start the healing processes, relax and regenerate the organism, oxygenate and cleanse the cells, stimulate blood circulation, ease allergic responses, bring the sense of relief and help balance the energies of our core.

When is honey massage recommended

Honey massage represents an ancient treatment of the body and skin. Using honey and special massage compression touches it clears the skin of infectious germs, increases blood flow and cleans pores. The massage works in depth and gradually removes accumulated harmful deposits and toxins. Honey massage can also be an alternative method in the treatment and prevention of some civilisational diseases, such as:

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    • Various allergies
    • Problems with sleeping, insomnia
    • Arthritis
    • Rheumatic diseases of muscles and joints
    • Chronic fatigue syndrome
    • Headaches and migraines
    • Depression
    • Stomach and intestine disorders, frequent heartburn
    • Liver diseases and disorders
    • Kidney deficiency
    • Disorders of the pancreas
    • Fungal diseases of the intestine
    • Chronic colds and illnesses of paranasal sinuses
    • Blood flow problems
    • Impotence and infertility
    • Menstrual difficulties
    • General deficiencies of immunity and vitality, low productivity

Women suffering from cellulite will appreciate regular honey massages which, among other things, helps to visibly reduce the cellulite.

Principles and techniques of honey massage

To expel the largest amount of toxins, this massage technique is performed on the back, because it is a large area with a high concentration of reflexive zones. Honey massage can also be performed on other parts of the body.

In the beginning of the massage, dead cells are removed, usually with peeling; this removes impurities and grease. The massaged areas are then covered with warm honey, which is afterwards massaged into the skin. Reflexive massage touches activate a function that helps eliminate toxins through the skin out of the body. After several minutes, the honey will thicken and turn a darker color, signifying the release of harmful substances.

Honey mixed with the toxins will gradually turn into a gray-white matter, which stays on the surface of the skin and contains the harmful substances extracted from the body by the massage. This matter is removed from the skin at the end of the massage.

Correctly executed soft massage technique will activate the autonomic nervous system and blood circulation. Thanks to the high concentration of beneficial substances contained in honey, regular massages will also regenerate internal organs.

After the massage, you will feel light, pleasantly relaxed and slightly tired. Your skin will be soft, smooth, hydrated and scented with honey. To increase the effect of the massage, we recommend washing the treated skin using only clean water and using no soap directly after the massage.

As prevention, a honey massage should be undergone once a month, in the case of mild problems, once every two weeks, and with acute problems, once a week.

Honey massage is usually accompanied by unwanted, but short-term and certainly not severe, reactions, which actually indicate correct and effective execution of the massage. They serve as a proof that the needed activity and healing processes started up, and that the organism is cleaning itself and the toxins are leaving the body. The most common manifestation are light rashes, which appear as little pimples or small reddish spots. Other possible reactions include pleasant fatigue and mild headache.

The honey massage technique is suitable for almost everybody, and especially for often ill people with impaired immune system and with their body polluted with toxins, who need to stimulate and strengthen their weakened organism.

When is the honey massage not recommended

It is not recommended for people with:

  • Inflammation of tendons
  • High fever
  • Skin diseases
  • Open wounds
  • Trombosis
  • High blood or ocular pressure
  • Stomach ulcers
  • Bone diseases
  • Infectious diseases
  • Cancer

If you have allergies, ask about the composition and origin of the honey and oils
If you suffer from a heart diseases, we recommend consulting your physician before the massage.
– We also do not recommend the massage to pregnant women.

If you are not in any of the groups, for whom is the massage not recommended, you can be sure that the honey massage will clear your body of all unwanted substances in a pleasant and natural way and make you feel much better. Let the honey purge your body and mind of all negative factors and calm the often hectic pace of everyday life.

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