Exercising with children - reflexive turning - 1st phase from supine position

Reflexive turning one of the global therapeutic models of the Vojta’s reflexive locomotion for activation of congenital motion programs. Reflexive turning from supine position into position on the side ends with walking on all fours. By a healthy newborn child can this be observed spontaneously, approx. in the 6th month of child’s life. Thanks to Vojta therapy can be this process evoked already in newborn children. Reflexive turning is used in therapy in position on the back and side.

The following exercise is designed for parents, who absolved education of the Vojta method from a professional physiotherapist and they want to repeat it in order to avoid mistakes. We will show you how to activate the movement patterns by activation positions and trigger points.

Goal of the exercise:

  • Activation of congenital movement programs
Default position
  • Lay the child on its back
  • Turn your head by 30 degrees on one side
  • Keep both arms and legs freely on the mat
  • Axis of the shoulders and pelvis are in a right angle to the longitudinal axis of the body
Phase 1
  • For reflexive turning is used activation zone in the center part of the chest, in the mamiral line between the 5th and 6th or 6th and 7th rib.
  • The pressure is directed cranially (upwards), medially (inwardly) and dorsally (backwards) - towards the opposite shoulder blade
  • Start the therapy with pressure in the resembling trigger zone, resist the head movement
Phase 2
  • There’s rotation of the chest and head to the side, legs are flexing, both shoulder blades and spine are creating a support
  • The first phase of reflexive turning is achieved by turning from back to the side
Phase 3

Reactions which we expect:

  • Straightening the spine
  • Lifting up legs from the mat
  • Holding the legs in this position against the gravitation
  • Preparing arms for the future supporting function
  • Swallowing
  • Movement of the eyes to the side
  • Deeper breathing
  • Coordinated activation of the abdominal muscles
  • Outer rotation of all important joints

Common mistakes

  • Not keeping the basic default position
  • Pressure on the trigger zones is not performed in the described direction
  • Forgetting to resist the movement with bigger physical effect

How often to exercise

  • Several times a day (4 - 5x)

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