Exercises for activating the body center with exercising tool

Here you will find exercise tutorials for activating the center of the body with exercising tools such as gym ball, balance pad BOSU or Flowin.

Exercises for activating the body center

Ideal body is in physical fitness understood by having a „sixpack". However the sixpack is composed only by the most superficial muscle - rectus abdominis muscle. Exercising it too much increases its tension which can restrict other muscles. If the rectus abdominis muscle is worked up way more, compared to other muscles in the area (abdominal external oblique muscle, transverse abdominal muscle), our abdominal muscles won't work properly (frequently due to overworking the rectus abdominis muscle) and it can lead to increased tension of the muscles around the spine (spinal erectors, quadratus lumborum muscle) which results in back pain.